Does testosterone make you taller? We Explain The Answer

Have you ever wanted to be taller?

Tall people look good and may even make more money. Folks look up to tall people. Can testosterone, a hormone involved in male adolescence, make you taller? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Does testosterone make you taller

Unfortunately, the short answer for adults is no. If your bones have already stopped lengthening, nothing, not even testosterone, can make them start again. But there are other things testosterone supplementation can do, and in some cases you could look taller as a result.

Does testosterone make you taller

Growth, Bones, and Testosterone

Your adult height is the result of many factors, including genetics, environment, and hormone levels. While the primary hormone involved in growth is the aptly-named human growth hormone, or GH, testosterone works with GH both to increase height during adolescence and to maintain lean muscle mass. The Medical News reports that testosterone deficiency in boys may stunt development. A study from the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that treatment stimulates height development and testosterone supplementation may help boys with delayed development grow taller.

Does testosterone make you taller

But bones can only grow longer if they still have epiphyseal plates, or “growth plates.” These are areas of actively growing cartilage located at either end of the bone, near the joint. As cartilage is produced by these plates, it absorbs calcium and becomes bone. But at maturity, the growth plates fuse, that is all of the cartilage in the plate becomes bone. The bone itself cannot get longer, and once the plates have fused, nothing can make them un-fuse and become growing cartilage again.

Mature bones can still increase in width and strength in response to increased exercise, a process known as appositional expansion, but having thicker bones cannot make you taller.

Does testosterone make you taller

What Testosterone Can Do

If you have reached your adult height, that is the height you will keep. However, there may be things you can do to make the most of the height you have, and testosterone supplementation may be able to help.

Trans guys, for example, often seem taller after they start on T, even if their growth plates have already fused. That’s because body dysphoria can lead to poor posture, both from a lack of confidence and from the habit of curling the shoulders forward to hide a feminine-looking chest. Transition (often including “top” surgery) relieves dysphoria, testosterone triggers a boost of confidence, and guys stand taller.

Does testosterone make you taller

Cis guys, too, if suffering from low T, might look shorter than they really are because fatigue, depression, poor muscle mass, and poor bone density are all common symptoms of low T, and no one really looks his best when he’s tired, sad, and unhealthy. Testosterone supplementation, for those men who actually need it, boosts confidence, energy, and health, giving you more of a physical presence.

Anything that improves your health, confidence, and posture will make you look taller and help you stand out more. For some guys, depending on what their individual health situation is, testosterone makes the difference.

Does testosterone make you taller

How to Boost your Testosterone

Some men benefit from testosterone replacement therapy under the supervision of a doctor, but there are things you can do on your own to increase your testosterone levels as well. Just remember to talk to your doctor first, since all the symptoms of low T could also be symptoms of other medical problems, some of them serious. You don’t want to diagnose yourself with the wrong problem and end up getting sick!

Once you’re sure you really need to raise your testosterone levels, there are several steps you can take, either in combination with clinical treatment or on your own.

  • Exercise is a great way to treat a whole range of ailments. Get physical, and you’ll feel better. Physical exercise might also raise your testosterone level.
  • Diet has a direct influence on all aspects of your physical health, including hormone levels. While the details are somewhat debatable, depending on which studies you read, you can’t really go wrong with a healthy, protein and vitamin-rich diet.
  • Supplements aren’t regulated the same way medicines are, so it can be difficult to find effective, high-quality products, but some supplements may function as testosterone boosters.

Does testosterone make you taller

Test Gains

A nutritional supplement that you can try is Test Gains™. It’s ingredients include tribulus, saw palmetto and horny goat weed, as well as other factors all thought to stimulate natural testosterone production. You might or might not look taller, but you could get improved physical and sexual health, more energy and more confidence. That’s as good as being tall any day.

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