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Metabolic Meals Reviews: The Good And The Bad

Health is essential. Almost anyone will agree with this statement. Then why are we so unhealthy? Well, there are many explanations. Let’s face it, the surroundings we dwell in are not always conducive to wellness. Quite the contrary. Things like addictive compounds and convenience all play into the reason why so many people have had declining health over the years..

So it’s time to get serious about healthy meals. Why not try out Metabolic Meals?

Luckily for even the most unhealthy of us, there have been improvements in the variety and options in the health food industry thanks to several large companies. Metabolic Meals is one of the ones to thank. I have tried several meals to test the performance and here is my review.


Metabolic Meals is a business that wants to make two things more straightforward for you: Losing fat and cooking. This company acts within the health food sector and makes the entire procedure of determining what to cook along with preparing foods less stressful.

Metabolic meals reviews

These meals are not only suitable but they are healthful. I don’t know about you, but that entire idea seems amazing! Why? Because there are many of us who wish to loose weight but do not understand what to consume or how to do.

The concept of Metobolic Meals is fantastic for me since it takes something which adds frustration for a lot of us (cooking and eating) and turns it into something exciting and enjoyable. This company is  taking the advancement of culture into its own hands.

Metabolic Meals removes the hard work around healthful eating by delivering tasty, personalized foods made using fresh, fermented ingredients with meal plans begin at $10.65 a meal.

Is Metabolic Foods Healthy?

Now, as I mentioned earlier, the meals Metabolic Meals creates is healthy however, I would like to backup that statement a bit here.

Metabolic meals reviews

When many men and women think about “wholesome food”, they think about about bland tasting, unseasoned meals. But that is not what this company offers.

Take a look at their website and see how fast your salivary glands are activated! The images of these meals just burst with flavor even through the picture!

But that is not all. All those foods you see are incredibly healthy even from the most strict health food standards.

For starters, all these foods are void of many “bad things” that saturate normal American diets. Do you know what those “bad” items are? We are talking things like soy, gluten, high-fructose corn syrup… None of that can be found in Metoboli Meals. Each of the meals is organic and all their meat is either grass fed or free selection.

And if all of this wasn’t sufficient, all their foods carry a minimum glycemic load. Glycemic load is how the food which you eat influences your blood glucose.

Since Metabolic Foods will never negatively affect your blood sugar, you can anticipate these advantages:

  • Decline in Triglycerides
  • Blood pressure enhancements
  • Decline in inflammation
  • 2x more fat loss than low-fat diets

You will also never get tired of eating these wholesome foods that do amazing things for the body. Not whatsoever.

You see, even Metabolic Foods provide an assortment of foods that will vary with each delivery. And that is not only a psychological advantage (no one wants to eat the same thing over and over),but it also benefits your health.

Studies indicate that the typical westerner consumes mainly 12-18 foods within the course of their whole lives. I bet that the number seems low to you personally, but it is true!

By eating the same meals frequently, you increase the likelihood that you will develop food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies. On the reverse side, if you consume a more assorted diet, you reduce the chances of developing sensitivities of this nature.

Metabolic Foods offer over a hundred meal choices. Sounds a Better than 12-18!

The Way to Begin

To begin getting these yummy foods delivered to your house every day, visit mymetabolicmeals.com and select your plan. You may choose the “Chef’s Choice” or “My Selection.” After you pick a program, then it is just a quick wait for your first meals to be delivered!

The sustainable, recyclable packaging which the foods come in will also guarantee freshness so yall you have to do is heat up your meal and fall in love with food again.

First Impression of the Business

When I personally called to order, the woman that answered the telephone was sweet but was unable to answer many of my questions.

Metabolic meals reviews

I was also emailed soon after calling to ask for my address again and I replied to the email and also asked a few questions. I never got an answer to my questions via email either.


My First Delivery

Metabolic meals reviews

After placing my order, I got a big (and heavy) box stuffed with the ten meals I chose from the menu they supplied me. The packaging was extreme if I am being honest. It looked fairly amateur and made me question what was inside the package. However, the food was shipped from a different country which could have something to do with the sketchy packaging.On the plus side, all of the packaging was recyclable!

Since I being sincere and transparent in this article, I believed the meals would not be good base on the initial appearance. I had ordered the Fit Portions knowing that the fit is smaller in size while the performance option is more significant. Anyhow, from the packaging, the potions seemed kind of miniature. Like, I was going to need to eat a few of these to become satiated.

But overall, the meals were very impressive and I was pleasantly surprised really!

Metabolic Meals Reviews


Metabolic meals reviews

I wish I can say the very first meal was not such a hit, but quite frankly, it was great. My hubby enjoyed this dish felt entirely full afterward, regardless of the small portion size. For me, I only felt as though it lacked some flavor. Another issue with the dish wasn’t the dishes fault in any respect. I believe our microwave is to blame for overcooking the meat. So…it was not amazing in my book. Hubby disagrees. I wouldn’t purchase this specific menu thing again — that he would, so I suppose that is a triumph!

Nutritional Info & Ingredients:

(Fit) Calories 271 / Fat 11 g / Carbs 13 g / Protein 30 g

(Performance) Calories 482 / Fat 22 g / Carbs 13 g / Protein 58 g


Metabolic meals reviews

This meal, however? This meal impressed me. The taste was perfect. The meat was tender and succulent, and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. Hubby agreed. We would definitely order this again.

Nutritional Info & Ingredients:

(Fit) Calories 234 / Fat 10 g / Carbs 10 g / Protein 26 g

(Performance) Calories 414 / Fat 18 g / Carbs 13 g / Protein 50 g


Metabolic meals reviews

This meal was SO great. I will not lie- I am a serious chili snob. This is one recipe I enjoy and I make it frequently. I was not sure how I’d feel about making this new chili but I loved it. Superior taste, filling, and hearty- a total win!

Nutritional Info & Ingredients:

(Fit) Calories 335 / Protein 34 g / Carbs 25 g / Fat 11 g

(Performance) Calories 537 / Protein 54 g / Carbs 33 g / Fat 21 g


Metabolic meals reviews

Following my negative feeling about the bison burger, I was somewhat nervous about the next red meat. However, I , had a lengthy talk with my microwave and then cooked it somewhat less than guided and it was close to ideal. Win.

Nutritional Info & Ingredients:

(Fit) Calories 432 / Fat 24 g / Carbs 24 g / Protein 30 g

(Performance) Calories 679 / Carbs 24 g / Fat 39 g / Protein 58 g


Metabolic meals reviews

I wasn’t stoked about this supper choice. When I picked it off the menu, I thought it’d be the best but I wasn’t in the mood to eat meatloaf this night and I hate green beans. Metabolic Meals for the win on this one! The meatloaf was excellent. I pushed myself to eat three green beans from the dish, however, the meatloaf was the true show stopper.

Nutritional Info & Ingredients:  (Fit) Calories 363 / Fat 15 g / Carbs 20 g / Protein 37 g

The gentleman of the Home hooked up himself with the Shepherd’s Pie and that he had nothing but amazing things to say about doing it. Full of taste, hearty and he would most def do it all again.

Nutritional Info & Ingredients:  (Performance) Calories 467 / Protein 42 g / Carbs 23 g / Fat 23 g.

Will I try Metabolic Meals Again?

Despite the other not-so-positive comments I had, my answer is still: YES!

For what I want in my life today, food delivery is the best thing to do. Metabolic Meals has been demonstrated to be amazing so far and because of this, we’re sticking together. As my hubby mentioned, if we had been going out to some restaurant, we’d expect a bit more. However, for home ready, wholesome meals delivered fresh (to a different country no less) and re-cooked in the microwave, we all believed this company did a fantastic job.

What I also love about the meals is that they are perfect with my metabolism supplement. I feel like the combination of Metabolic Meals’ healthy foods, exercise and my supplement will definitely increase my body’s metabolic rate (Meta Raise) and help with my weight loss goals by increasing my metabolism.

Metabolic meals reviews

Let me know if you give Metobolic Meals a try and, do not be scared by the small portions! They are delicious!

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