Keto Diet Before and After: Does It Really Work?

You might have heard of the ketogenic diet but may still have no idea what it implies. Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a new diet that us low in carbohydrates and will give you real results. Here is our comprehensive review of this low carb lifestyle called the keto diet along with before and after testimonials from REAL people.

Many celebs are crazy for this diet as well: Vanessa Hudgens, Kourtney Kardashian, and Halle Berry, are a few examples. But frankly, real-person transformations are more believable and what you want to hear (they might even convince you to stock up on salmon, mackerel, lean meats, and cheese next time you are in the supermarket).

One thing to remember if you’re keto-curious is that the diet is not exactly intended to be permanent, based on Scott Keatley, R.D., of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy. It’s also advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any new diet program.

In this guide, you’ll discover additional information regarding this Ketogenic diet, a diet low-carb diet program, keto diet before and after reviews, together with ketogenic diet suggestions.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet program is a low-carb, high-fat diet plan which aims to change your metabolism and teach your body to rely on fat to get energy rather than quick-burning carbohydrates.

The body creates insulin and glucose when you eat foods high in carbohydrates. Nearly all that we eat can be transformed into glucose. Carbs are sugars and sugars can easily be converted to glucose. Since sugar is the most natural supply for the body to convert to energy, it’ll be selected over another energy supply to fuel your body. If you have more sugar than the body needs to work, the surplus sugar your body creates subsequently gets stored as fat.

Insulin is released when you are eating. It informs your body to begin taking sugar from the blood, which reduces blood sugar levels. If not for insulin, you’d have a hyperglycemic jolt from something as basic as eating a couple of pieces of pizza.

Since sugar is utilized as the primary power supply fats aren’t used and instead, they are stored. Consequently, individuals become obese and boost their probability of wellness problems. The idea behind the ketogenic diet is to change your systems primary fuel supply from carbs to ketones, that would be the product of fat metabolism.

What exactly are Ketones?

If you starve yourself of sugar, the liver will start to break down fat into other and glycerol fatty acids. The fatty acid is subsequently broken down further into what is called ketogenesis. Here is the procedure where ketones are created.

There are 3 Kinds of ketones:

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)
  • Acetone
  • Acetoacetate

These ketones are all made by the liver and also, therefore, are utilized as energy whenever sugar is not present. As soon as your body adjusts to carbohydrate limitation, your muscles and mind begin using ketones as fuel.

Transitioning Into your Ketogenic Diet

Switching from your current diet into a ketogenic diet transforms your own body into a state of ketosis so that your system is deriving the vast majority of your energy from ketones rather than from sugar (glucose). Your body is then made to burn fat so this specific metabolic transition would be to thank for the weight loss a lot of people experience.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic condition in which ketones are used as the body’s energy source rather than sugar. After your system has changed its fuel supply, cholesterol and insulin levels fall quite low and enhanced fat burning starts.

How do you know when you are in a state of ketosis? Aside from judging how you are feeling (i.e., no blasting energy amounts), you may keep tabs on your ketone levels by assessing the numbers in your urine or blood using ketone testers, accessible at most pharmacies.

  • Low insulin Levels: Without having low sugar level, insulin levels are incredibly low. Recent premium quality studies have demonstrated to reverse type 2 diabetes.
  • Fight Brain disorders: Ketogenic diets have long been proven to deal with and help reverse brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s dementia.
  • Epilepsy Control: With ketogenic diet, individuals with epilepsy re-enabled to remain seizure-free. There are many controlled studies which reveal how successful the keto diet plan is for diminishing seizures.
  • Reduce Acne:  Eating less glucose and reducing foods might help clear your acne.

Other Common Advantages

  • Suppress Cravings for Sugar: It helps compress glucose urges.
  • Less Heartburn: Going to a ketogenic diet has revealed that acid reflux sufferers became substantially better.
  • Reduce Migraines: Studies show that a ketogenic diet can help alleviate chronic headaches.
  • Balance Blood Pressure: Sticking to a ketogenic diet has, again and again, proved to reduce insulin levels and therefore reduced blood pressure.

Will the Ketogenic Diet Work?

Since you’ll be eating tasty, low-carb meals that are higher in fiber and protein, you will not be as hungry as frequently and you won’t be  inclined to overeat.

Eliminating processed foods also eliminates added sugars and other potentially dangerous elements in our bodies. This helps us feel better in the short term and helps us keep our health in the long run.

Diets lower in carbohydrates are demonstrated to promote wholesome weight loss due to fewer sugars. The ketogenic diet can also lower your glucose with time.

Keto Diet Before and After: Reviews and Results

Fastest way to get into ketosis


Meagan (@keto_meag)

“I have been on keto for a little over a week and received phenomenal results! Well, I have lost 12lbs in one week following the ketogenic diet. I haven’t measured myself, but I can tell you that I am down at least one pant size. It’s incredible! I have so much more energy on this diet. It may sound strange, but by having a high-fat diet but I feel like I’m on top of the world. Another incredible change that I’ve noticed is that I have always had a tough time focusing and never did great in school, but I recently tried an online course, and I read a lecture. I almost cried because I didn’t have to re-read it. I understood it the first time. That has never happened to me before. My body and brain are adapting very well to this diet. My mind feels so at ease… Like it took a breath of fresh air. I know I sound crazy, but it’s the truth.

The most challenging part of the diet was that I faced the “keto flu.” It lasted a couple of days, and I was miserable, but I knew I had to push through it and I’m glad I did. The outcome so far has been fantastic. The easy part is being able to enjoy food and not be bored with a typical salad and veggies all the time like you see in other diets.

Liz (@ketocollegegirl)

“I have been on the Keto diet now since January of 2015. I have experienced weight loss, with my highest weight being 162 and my lowest being 128lbs. And I have also seen changes in my energy levels; I used to crash after about 3 hours without a snack. I would get shaky and cranky and feel like I could faint. Now, if I am being true to this diet, I do not have these crashes and I can go 5, even 7 hours during the day without really needing to eat. I also see that my skin is clearer and brighter, and my nails are stronger. Cutting sugar out is a lifestyle choice for me, and I plan to maintain it.

The most difficult thing about the diet was the adjustment in the beginning. Cutting out all of the delicious bread and ice cream ? After really cutting the sweet flavor, I no longer had cravings for it at all and was not tempted by those types of foods. After maintaining this diet for a year and a half now, I have (unfortunately) introduced some sugar substitutes into my diet… and it has been hard for me as my cravings for sweet has returned. The easiest part of the diet is finding delicious meal options and not feeling like I am starving myself. This isn’t a diet for me; it has just become a lifestyle. My friends, coworkers, and family are all on board and very supportive.

If you are at all interested in this diet, give it at least a month! And, do your best to cut out the sweet flavor entirely for a while. I lost the bulk of my weight when I had zero artificial sweeteners in my diet. Also, do your reading! It makes it easier to explain to friends and family, and having that support is so important.”

Additional Keto Diet Before and After Reviews

Intermittent fasting for women


All the success stories below are actual and contributed freely with no paid commissions. The successes and testimonials are the outcome of performing Dr. Berg’s healthful ketosis program. The majority of them also tried intermittent fasting in conjunction with the keto diet.

“Real Food, Intermittent Fasting, And OMAD Goes A Long Ways To Achieving Some Goals!”

Jennifer H. 05-16-2018

“Before keto on Easter, 2nd week on Keto in 2nd picture, and 3rd is today as I’m going on a month on Keto! Real food, intermittent fasting, and OMAD goes a long ways to achieving some goals! 140 here I come!!”

“Super Proud Of Myself And This Feels Great!!”

Tanya B. 05-16-2018

“#faceliftfriday!!!!! Thanks to Dr. Berg and this group, I’m able to see ME!!! I can’t believe it, (holding back the tears) but I know this is only the beginning! Super proud of myself and this feels great!!.#ketoon”

“390 To 260 Started Keto March 2017”

Joseph K. 05-16-2018

“390 to 260 started keto March 2017. Today I’m omad mon-fri and keto on the weekends.”

“I’m 43 But Feel 23”

Rob W 04-17-2018

“Hi everyone, new member here. I’ve been IF for 2 years and following Dr. Berg for 1 year as well as doing Keto. I went from 300 plus to 195. My health has dramatically changed. I’m 43 but feel 23. Thanks for adding me to this group!”

“I’ve Noticed My Skin And Hair Are Healthier Looking”

Michelle K 04-15-2018

“23 lbs down in a just under a month. Still have along way to get. But feeling great, since starting Keto I’ve noticed my skin and hair are healthier looking plus my eye dryness has resolved.

Many of the success stories on a ketogenic diet are about weight loss. Some other stories are more about having more energy, disease control and overall health benefits and improvements.”

These are REAL and RAW stories from real people who practice the keto diet. The best thing about these stories is that we can encourage each other and lift each other up through the keto journey.


Ketogenic Diet Reviews – Weight Loss Results Before and After

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