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Everything To Know About The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet

The 7 day cabbage soup diet plan is an old diet that’s existed for years and has been revised repeatedly over and over again. You’re very likely to discover many distinct models on the internet. Actually, Dr. Oz has one, too!

Facts about The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet

On the 7 day diet, then you follow a particular eating plan each day. Together with eating those foods, you’re permitted to get cabbage soup a.k.a. miracle soup, a.k.a. weight-reduction soup, a.k.a. unsalted miracle soup, a.k.a. weight-watcher soup (a lot of titles with this soup) whenever you would like.

7 day cabbage soup diet


The 7 day cabbage soup diet isn’t meant to be followed for a long haul. It’s a diet that lasts for seven days, just designed to help your weight loss, sometimes reaching ten pounds lost within a week. This ought to help you kick off your weight loss as you proceed to a more permanent program.

This is how you can create your weekly plan; adhere to the subsequent directions every day and follow this strategy:

Day One:

Eat mainly soup and fruit. Aim for 3 to 4 meals of soup. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of plain water. Don’t eat peanuts.

Day 2:

7 day cabbage soup diet

On this particular day, you may eat just soup and vegetables. You should consume at least three meals of soup and fill up with veggies — don’t allow yourself to get hungry. Ingredients: Eat until you’re stuffed with new, raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. At dinner, you may have a large roasted cabbage with butter if you would like, however, no added salt. Don’t eat fruit. Remember your water!

Day Three:

Fruits and berries: Today, have veggies (no additives, legumes, corn, curry or peanuts). Eat to 4 meals of soup and drink enough water.

Day Four:

7 day cabbage soup diet

You may have unsalted milk and consume eight large, fresh bananas. Eat as much soup as possible, also, and attempt to drink plain water. Bananas and milk are to help you not crave sweets.

Day Five:

Steak and tomatoes: protein is currently on the menu, and you can consume around 20 oz of lean beef. Have approximately six medium tomatoes (add them to the soup, then bake them together with a few cooked kinds of beef). If you don’t like meat, then eat skinless chicken. Consume at least two portions of soup. You are going to be so full now!

Day Six:

Steak and vegetables: protein today! Eat up to 20 oz of beef or poultry. You may have grilled white fish instead if you prefer, today only. It’s also wise to eat vegetables, particularly leafy greens such as salad. Have 2-3 portions of soup. Don’t eat berries, beans, beans, or corn.

You do not need to survive BLAND soup! Add this seasoning mixture — your soup will taste GREAT!!

Cabbage Soup Recipe (one of many variations):

7 day cabbage soup diet

  • large green onions (6)
  • green peppers (2)
  • tomatoes (1 or 2 cans; diced or whole)
  • celery (1 bunch)
  • cabbage (1/2 head)
  • Onion Soup Mix (1 package)
  • bouillon (1 or 2 cubes; optional)
  • One can of V8 (48 oz.)
  • Juice (optional)

Season as you like with pepper, salt, garlic powder, parsley, curry, etc.

Some Pointers for The 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet:

Ensure that your soup lasts all night! If you are consuming lots of the soup, it is not unusual to make 2-3 batches of soup. Are you seriously interested in staying on your diet plan? Ensure that your soup is yummy by pre-measuring your Cabbage Soup Seasonings.

7 day cabbage soup diet

When you intend on taking up the cabbage soup diet plan, do a favor and create your soup that tastes great. There’s not anything worse than throwing out food you don’t eat since it doesn’t taste good!

Pros of the 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet :

  • Weight reduction. It works! It is not science fiction. Cut your carbohydrates, low-fat sugar, starches, for a period while drinking a great deal of water and you’re going to lose weight fast.

7 day cabbage soup diet

  • It is fast! At dawn on the 8th day, the scale will be 7-10 pounds lighter.
  • The transitions from a number of our typically junky eating habits may be beneficial.
  • Vegetables out of the Brassica family (like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower) are found to assist in preventing cancer.
  • Many say that they like eating soup.

7 day cabbage soup diet

  • Perfect for pre-diets! This diet is excellent for the beginning of a real diet/eating program. You know, just in which you eat many different healthful foods along with an adequate balance of carbs. Sometimes you merely need a jumpstart, a cleansing, a quick drop in the scale. This diet also does it!

Disadvantages of the 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet :

  • Some complain the cabbage soup somewhat too dull.
  • Be ready for gas.
  • Lacks good nourishment
  • Not a long-term solution.


The 7 day cabbage soup diet program may be utilized as frequently as you like. If correctly followed, it is going to clean your body of impurities and provide you a sense of well-being.

7 day cabbage soup diet

Since everyone’s digestive tract differs, this diet plan will affect everybody in different ways. After a while, you’ll have more energy than when you started, if you didn’t cheat. After being on a diet for seven days, you’ll notice your bowel movements have shifted — consume a cup of fiber or bran.

For quicker and more decisive outcomes, mix your cabbage soup diet with supplements that will let you reach your goals at a faster rate and with higher probability. Make sure to choose supplements that are effective and safe for you, such as Meta Raise Metabolism Supplement and Lean Body Complex™ Fat Burner Herbal Tablets.

Summary and Caution

The most significant downside of the 7 day cabbage soup diet program is the monotony of cabbage soup. Some diets essentially use the ingredients of this cabbage soup diet and make it more interesting by mixing different foods, having precisely the same effect.

Additionally, there are serious concerns about the quality of the diet plan. The diet is low in calcium, protein, and essential fatty acids.

Due to the low-carbohydrate nature of this cabbage soup diet, exercise is not suggested. Opting for a walk may be okay. However, anything strenuous might be potentially harmful.

7 day cabbage soup diet

Pace yourself. This diet should be used for fast weight loss for a single occasion, like the week before Thanksgiving or to jumpstart your dieting before swimsuit season.

Bear in mind that the 7 day cabbage soup diet isn’t acceptable for longer than a few days. The menu is a low-carb, high-protein diet which can allow you to get fit quickly but over the long term, you will have to work out and stick to a healthful and balanced diet plan. You can repeat the cabbage soup diet occasionally, but do not overdo it!

Lastly, as always consult with a doctor before cutting your calories!

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