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Ensure Weight Loss With This Military Diet Shopping List

When you choose a diet, your weight loss results depend on factors such as your age, gender, body composition, metabolism. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that the results your buddy attained won’t match yours. If you want effective weight loss, this military diet shopping list will be beneficial, for sure.

The Military Diet

The rule for effective weight loss outcomes during the military diet plan is to follow the diet without cheating. Should you adhere to the three-day diet without making modifications, you will surely find satisfactory results.

If you want to reduce your appetite, you can add herbals tablets such as Lean Body Complex to your diet. If you’re want to boost your metabolism even more, take supplements such as Meta Raise, which helps streamline your weight loss. Always remember that with the military diet, the primary focus is the food. You must ensure you have all the necessary ingredients in your diet.

military diet shopping list

Possessing a shopping list will help you remember the important foods for your diet plan. Here’s what you need to add to the military diet shopping list for your next trip to the grocery store:


military diet shopping list

  • Green beans (1 cup)
  • Carrots (1/2 cup)
  • Broccoli (1/2 cup)


military diet shopping list

  • One grapefruit
  • Two apples (medium)
  • Two large bananas


military diet shopping list

  • Tuna steak (2 cans)
  • Lean meat (any kind, 3 ounces)
  • 2 hotdogs


military diet shopping list

  • Cottage cheese (1 cup)
  • Two eggs
  • Coffee
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Saltine crackers
  • Cheddar cheese (1 ounce)
  • Vanilla ice cream (2 & ½ cups)

Don’t like to interrupt your diet plan program?

military diet shopping list

Go grocery shopping to fill your refrigerator with these military diet ingredients at least three days before you begin your diet. This way, you don’t need to visit the neighborhood store every day to stock up on what you need for your military diet.

Substitutes for the Military Diet Grocery List

The three-day military diet plan ought to be rigorously obeyed. The military did not devise the program, but the diet copies how a soldier does what he is instructed to do. At the same time, some people have dietary restrictions or allergies, and might need substitutes.

You will find those who have allergies or cannot ingest peanut butter. The recommendation would be to adhere to the diet as long as possible. However, if you have to, here’s a listing of all the foods you can use as replacements for your military diet shopping list. A few of the foods could be swapped to ensure it is vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free.

It is not all about the calories…

Finding military diet replacements is not necessarily about size or calories but about foods that work together to super-charge fat burning. Still, we must ensure the replacements have nearly the same number of calories as the first food in the military diet shopping list. The list below is for people who cannot or eat what’s on the meal program.

Grapefruit Substitute:

You can substitute an orange for a grapefruit. The orange has more fiber compared to an average grapefruit, and it also has higher sugar levels. A ½-cup serving of blueberries or blackberries provides nearly four times the fiber of a half dozen grapefruit. Berries, likewise, don’t possess the sour aftertaste many despise with grapefruit. Eating blackberries or raspberries also keeps your sugar and carbohydrate in check. They are not as good as grapefruits; however, they will get the job done.

Peanut Butter Substitute:

Nut allergies are the most common allergies in the world. Many others simply don’t enjoy the flavor of peanut butter. If this is true, curry butter is the thing. Two tablespoons of unsalted/unflavored citrus seeds may also suffice as a substitute.

Bread Substitute:

To create a three-day military diet that is gluten free, you need to find a replacement for bread. You can consume a ¼ cup of sunflower seeds, or a protein bar of comparable carbohydrates. A ¼ cup of Greek yogurt works as well, if you add ½ tsp of flax seeds to get needed fiber. Two rice cakes or two small rice tortillas are an excellent gluten-free replacement for bread also.

Coffee Substitute:


military diet shopping list

Green tea is a superb coffee replacement and maybe a more healthful beverage altogether. The significant part of the tea or coffee in the daytime is the caffeine. A fantastic substitution for this particular drink is green tea.

Tuna or Salmon Substitute:

This is the most frequent question we receive. Seemingly, there are a lot of fish haters in the world. Salmon and tuna are two different kinds of fish. Many people like another, or even both. If you’re vegetarian, then an equivalent weight (4 ounces) of peanuts, cottage cheese, or tofu may function as choices. It is not great since fish makes it possible to eliminate weight and can be a considerable portion of the diet plan. However, do this if you need to.

Green Beans Substitute:

military diet shopping list

Lettuce, berries, or spinach can substitute the beans. Swiss chard or kale are a fantastic choice too. A cup of legumes weighs approximately 150 g, so the vegetable substitute needs to have the same weight.

Meat Substitute:

Tofu is a favorite option for vegetarians. The meat part is vital to the protein consumption for all those on the three-day military diet. An equal quantity of lentils will probably get the job done as well.

Banana Substitute:

There is not a fantastic substitute for a banana. A cup of applesauce is close.

Broccoli Substitute:

Broccoli is among the most significant things that you may eat. You should eat this. It will not substitute nicely. Spinach, Swiss chard, or Brussels sprouts scarcely work as options.

Cheddar Cheese Substitute:

Cheddar cheese may be substituted with eggs and cottage cheese or ham. If you’re going the vegetarian path, it’s possible to replace the cheese with soy milk. Cabbage and kale work if you must avoid milk.

Hot Dog Substitute:

military diet shopping list

Hot dogs receive the most flack in this diet program. Interestingly, they are critical to the foods you consume on day two. You may not enjoy it, but luncheon meat, deli beef, or baloney are the only proper substitutions here.

Egg Substitute:

Eggs could be substituted with two pieces of celery or 4 oz of lean beef. They are not suitable substitutions for your three-day military diet due to the fat mismatch. Peanut butter or coconut butter nearly work.

Apple Substitute:

Carrots can function like apple substitutions for your three-day military diet. Zucchini is also another choice.

Cottage Cheese Substitute:

military diet shopping list

Cottage cheese may be substituted with different dairies such as ricotta cheese or Greek yogurt. For vegans, you are going to need to opt for vanilla butter.

Saltine Crackers Substitute:

Rice cakes have been reasonable substitutions for saltine crackers in the three-day military diet.

Ice Cream Substitute:

Some worry about the sugar content of ice cream. Should you be concerned (or feel guilty) about the ice cream, Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute.

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