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Can’t Lose Extra Weight? Check For These Slow Metabolism Signs

Perhaps you have ever been counting calories thoroughly, hitting the gym, getting lots of sleep, and still not seeing the results on the scale. You might not be at fault! Your inability to lose those stubborn pounds may be due to slow metabolism.

If you fight to eliminate every extra ounce, you might suffer from a sluggish metabolism. The rate of your metabolism is dependent upon a few variables in your control, including your daily activities. However, factors beyond your control may also play a part. You will probably experience issues with weight loss when you have a slow metabolism and, based on the reason; you may notice other side effects as well.


At its heart, metabolism is all about burning of calories. All of the billions of cells in our bodies demand energy to survive. At the same time, the amount of energy your own cells’ demand piles into an overall energy intake which translates to the calories you burn daily.

Slow metabolism signs

You will likely find two phrases used to describe your metabolic speed. First, your basal metabolic rate, or BMR, which is how many calories you would burn off if you just lay in bed each day- no physical activity whatsoever. Second is your TDEE or overall daily energy expenditure. TDEE is the real calories that you burn per day, taking into consideration your activity level.

Your metabolism is the process in which your body burns off calories for fuel. People that have a quick metabolism may apparently eat anything they want and never gain weight as their body is constantly burning the calories they consume. People who have a slow metabolism will not burn calories as quickly and need to work that much harder to lose or maintain their weight.

Slow Metabolism Signs

Below are a few of the most significant outward indications of a slow metabolism signs. If you notice any of them, make sure you pay a visit to your physician to receive your thyroid examined–you might have hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid gland, which may be ultimately accountable for your metabolism.

Slow metabolism signs


Body weight, energy level and just how readily we gain and eliminate pounds all make a significant difference in our general health. Intense metabolic syndrome tends to become more prevalent as people age. However, a few lifestyle habits and underlying health conditions may also reduce metabolic rates.

Concerned your metabolism is not keeping up? Listed below are common slow metabolism signs to look out for.

Weight Gain

The most excellent hint of a sluggish metabolism would be significant weight gain. If you have already been eating well and exercising yet you are packing on the pounds, then it might be the fault of your metabolism.

Slow metabolism signs

Metabolism is the process by which your system converts what you drink and eat into energy. Though your food consumption and physical exercise are the most significant determiners of your weight fluctuation, a slowed metabolism may also cause weight gain. This is because the body only slows your calorie intake conversion and you burn off more calories on the same quantity of food every day, along with your body which ends up saving more fat.

Lethargy & Chronic Illness

Slow metabolism signs

Cannot shake this feeling of being drained and worn out? If your metabolism is slowing, your energy levels will likely be diminished also. Some healthcare conditions, such as a decrease in your red blood cell count caused by iron or vitamin B deficiency, may cause both exhaustion and uncontrollable slow metabolism signs.

Difficulty in shedding Weight

Slow metabolism cannot only make you add on weight but it may also make it super hard to eliminate unwanted pounds, even if you have been following a strict diet and exercising properly always. Dr. Alam states you might have extreme difficulty to remove fat “despite having a balanced or limited diet.”

Slow metabolism signs


Weight loss is mainly determined by burning off more calories than you consume in. Should you unexpectedly restrict your diet plan and under eat, your metabolism will be obviously likely to impede to conserve calories. Whenever your metabolism slows down, you burn off calories and therefore are more inclined to not loose weight.

Cracked & Dry Skin

If your metabolism is slow, then your cells are not as energetic as they ought to be and are therefore not receiving the appropriate blood supply. “Since the epidermis fails to obtain crucial nutrients… skin loses its luster,” Dr. Alam states. In addition to your body attempts to preserve heat, you do not sweat too much.

Slow metabolism signs

Hormones that assist in maintaining your nails and skin health also control your metabolic processes. You can observe metabolic imbalance from these two indicators as well. Dry, itchy, or greasy skin accompanied by tenderness, paleness or growth acne are useful hints in narrowing down possible slow metabolism signs.

Hair Loss

Slow metabolism signs

Together with your skin, your hair is continually regenerating and requiring  nutrition for growth. If your slowed metabolism is still impacting your body’s nutrient consumption, your hair will not have the nutrients it needs to remain active, energetic, and healthy. Baldness or simply a shift in feel and appearance may be an indication of a slowed metabolism.

Difficulty Staying Warm or Cold

A milder core body temperature has been demonstrated to impede metabolism and certain studies showed it leading to around 130 fewer calories being burned every day. If your average body temperature errs on the side of coolness, it might influence your metabolism.

Slow metabolism signs

Becoming cold all of the time may be a symptom of gout, which also slows your metabolism down. If frequently cold, chances are your thyroid is not acting as quickly as it should be. It may be the same for your metabolism. “Heat is created with human body’s metabolic action,” Dr. Alam states. “Slow metabolism may result in a diminished core body temperature, ” she says, which can also be another indication of hypothyroidism.

Weakness and Stiffness

Slow metabolism signs

Protection from viruses takes a healthy immune system and that could be impacted by a change in your metabolism. Your  body chooses the nutrients from the meals and deivers them to specific organs and to your immune system to keep your body functioning properly. If your meals or nutrient absorption are depleting, your system is much more prone to becoming sick. Fluid build-up around muscles and joints are also a consequence of a slowed metabolism and may result in stiffness, fatigue, and sometimes even pain.

Sugar Cravings

You crave sugar and carbs to compensate for low blood sugar. Along with controlling when kept fat is converted to power, your adrenal glands maintain your metabolism is working correctly. Sometimes your adrenal glands have been ‘out of whack’ and you end up craving sugar. This might be a sign of compensating for a deficiency of energy. It then might be an indication your metabolism is also influenced.

Slow metabolism signs

A sluggish metabolism is frequently associated with insulin resistance states ” [Insulin resistance] is a more standard metabolic condition which means that your cells are immune to the actions of insulin, a hormone produced by your pancreas which regulates the way your tissues metabolize energy,” she clarifies. “If the body is more resistant to insulin which leads to chronically slow metabolism.”

An indication of insulin resistance is a constant urge for Carbohydrates and sugar. Because your body is not correctly using insulin, then your cells can not absorb the sugar in your body. This results in sugar and new carbohydrate cravings.

Difficulty Concentrating

Slow metabolism signs

Your mind melts off the nutrients that your body is capable of taking in from the food that you eat and drinks you consume. If a slow metabolism is inducing this nutritional supplement into power conversion to slow your regular brain function, endurance and endurance will even lag behind. Additionally, with no customary psychological clarity, there might be negative effects. These include the decision and choices you make concerning healthy behaviors.

Thyroid gland regulates your metabolism. Too little of it also may also bring about a bad memory and also make you forgetful.


If your thyroid hormones are all out of whack, it may be an effect of underactive thyroid gland. It then can cause distress or maybe migraines.

Slow metabolism signs

Brain swelling, with the corresponding anxiety, headaches and migraines may also be related to slow metabolism. Additionally, a weak disturbance in the degree of the stress hormone cortisol induces a metabolic imbalance. It also causes migraines.

Brittle Nails


Similarly to the way slow metabolism affects the skin, you can also detect changes in your nails. It’s because of deficiency of nutrients that are absorbed by the human body. Some common modifications contain more fragile nails and improved ridges for your nails, ” states Susan Besser, MD.

Low Sex Drive

Low levels of the thyroid gland may mean reduced levels of sexual activity

Quick Tips and SolutionsSlow metabolism signs

To help increase your metabolism, get to know more about it and how you can boost your metabolism through your diet. If you are aiming to lose weight, learn about metabolic weight loss. To further support and ensure a high metabolic rate, add a metabolism supplement to your diet and exercise. A great supplement you can try is Meta Raise, which makes fat-burning easier while increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite.

Slow metabolism signs

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