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Best Blood Ketone Meter To Check Your Nutritional Ketosis

Living a ketogenic lifestyle is among one of the best choices a person could make. This dietary choice makes it possible for the body to burn off stored fat to produce energy instead of utilizing glucose/sugar. It’s vital to find the best blood ketone meter to monitor your nutritional ketosis and maximize a ketogenic diet.

Ketone Count

It can be quite tough to gauge the number of ketones in the bloodstream by just keeping tabs on the low carbohydrate foods that you consume. Ketones may be quantified using different procedures, but the best option is to use a blood ketone meter. You can also measure ketones with a pee test. This utilizes urine sticks which turn a selection of distinct colors when ketones are found.

Best blood ketone meter

A ketones blood meter functions precisely in the same manner as a sugar meter which diabetics use. The blood meter will be able to allow you to keep tabs on your ketone levels and help track the kind food you choose to ensure you’re leading a ketogenic way of life. That’s the main reason why it’s a good idea to utilize a blood Ketone meter- to give yourself the ability to assess the ketone levels in the bloodstream vessels and keep you on a strick ketogenic path.

Best Blood Ketone Meter

A blood ketone meter is a tiny digital device that only tests the number of ketones in the blood. The results, along with the guide readings, appear on an electronic screen. Additionally, it provides qualitative evaluations that are dependable. The blood ketone meter is usable in a home setting and it’s quite easy to use. All you have to understand is the suitable ketone levels in a healthy individual.

Best blood ketone meter

A higher or lower readying signifys a lower or higher presence of ketones in the blood vessels- smple enough! High ketone levels are present when the meter has a measurement over 3.0 mmol/L of ketones, 1-6 into 2.9 mmol/L for optimum ketone level and 0.5 mmol/L indicates low levels of ketones in the bloodstream. The most important goal of a ketogenic diet is to utilize the stored fat in your body as energy instead of the sugar. The best blood ketone meter, consequently, will help one understand how certain foods effect their ketone levels and which foods are best for this diet.

Best Blood Ketone Meter: Our Top Picks

There are lots of kinds of ketone measurement tools available that track ketosis in significantly different ways, some more precise than others. Here’s the list of what we found to be the best blood ketone meters among the many options in the market.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer

Best blood ketone meter

Even though the Ketonix breath analyzer does not utilize any blood sugar evaluation or check strip; it operates by assessing acetone in your breath which your body creates when you are in a state of ketosis.

The Ketonix allows for another way of measuring ketones  rather that using a blood sugar meter. This option can be much more suitable for those who are wary of testing their own blood. Together with the Ketonix, you can check your levels an infinite number of times, even hourly if you prefer. Ideally, you would be able to observe how different foods impact ketosis immediately after you have eaten them. You could also track the effects exercising on your ketone amounts.

The Ketonix is cheap once you take into consideration the cost of blood monitor test strips needed for other monitors. It  does not have any test strips and demands no additional outlay.

Ketonix also includes software which can keep a log of your ketone levels when tested and also calibrates the machine to be the best settings for your objectives. This tool even adjusts its settings to check whether you are in the perfect range for ketosis. The Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer is a a great product for easily checking your ketone levels.

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Meter

Best blood ketone meter

As we went over before, the very best and most exact method of tracking ketosis is to use a blood ketone and sugar meter, which is why we chose Precision Xtra as one of the best blood ketone meters available. Using this testing method includes pricking your finger, dipping a test strip into your blood and inserting it into a machine to get a precise reading.

While this is a very accurate way to check for ketones bodies, you have to maintain a ready supply of test strips available. The Ketonix, on the other hand needs nothing else besides the meter and, because of no more continuing expenses, still has an advantage.

Keto Mojo Ketone Meter

This is a brand new keto tracker in the marketplace for 2018. The manufacturers claim it’s by far the most accurate meter available on the market for individuals on ketogenic diets as it quantifies ketone levels quickly and correctly.

Best blood ketone meter

The Keto Mojo Kit includes everything required for you to get started:

  • One lancet device
  • Ten lancets
  • Carrying case

It works along similar lines as other ketogenic blood evaluation kits with most of them testing the ketones in the blood by pricking your finger. Then you coat the test strip into your bloodstream and put it into the Keto Mojo meter to get an accurate ketone reading. Pretty straight forward!

Ketostix Ketone Strips

One of the earliest method of analyzing ketosis is using Ketostix. Ketostix is thin strip which you dip into your urine or move them through a flow of urine. These are not anywhere near as precise as the breath analyzer or plasma Ketone Meters.

Best blood ketone meter These strips can also be somewhat misleading. Men and women find themselves trying to receive a purple sign in their evaluation strip to signify ketosis but may have a difficult time gauging the exact color. Also, urine is comprised of so many components on various days and even different times of day that reading can be thrown off by simple environmental factors.

Even though Ketostix is okay for tracking ketones frequently, it is better to purchase the Ketonix Breathalizer for accurate unlimited readings. Or if you are a stickler for accuracy, move to a Double Ketone Meter.

Nova Max Plus

Best blood ketone meter

Nova Max Plus integrates innovative technology for accurate self-monitoring of blood sugar and ketones, perfect for individuals with diabetes. This meter gets the most comprehensive features such as quick, simple, and error-free blood sugar and ketone tracking.


Best blood ketone meter

The Ketonian kit contains the ketone and glucose meter and ten ketogenic strips. The kit comes in a bag with the lancets and the device. This kit includes all your testing requirements in one package.

Even a ketosis blood test is much more accurate at measuring ketones from the body than a urine or breath test which makes this kit a viable option for tracking ketones.


It is important to note that disrupted ketone levels are a significant medical risk if a person isn’t following a ketogenic way of life. This can be a sign of type 1 diabetes so it is advised to find a physician if the blood ketone meter surpasses 3.0 mmol/L.

However,for ketogenic lifestyle, you should be sure to monitor your ketone levels in order to maximize your ketosis. If you have low ketone level, you can increase it by adding supplements to your lifestyle and daily routine. If you aim to achieve ketosis right away, get the highest quality beta-hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) from Diet Said, BHB Boost.

Best blood ketone meter

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