Lean Body Complex™ Fat Burner Herbal Tablets 60Ct


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Lean Body Complex is a takes all the most useful herbal ingredients known for weight loss and combined it into one tablet. Powerful components include Dandelion Root, Coffee Bean, Siberian Ginseng Root and seven more fat burning ingredients.


We combined the best-performing herbs, extracts and fruit powders into one to offer the most natural weight loss option product we could. Utilize potent herbal ingredients to increase your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently.

  • Advanced fat burning support ingredients
  • All natural fruit powders, herbs, & extracts
  • Supports appetite control
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Our herbal blend of ingredients is a combination of the best components on the market today. Here’s an overview of the ingredients you get in Lean Body Complex.

600 mg Coffee-Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acid): How Does It Work?

Coffee bean extract will contain some caffeine; naturally, it is just an unroasted coffee bean.

Some scientific studies have proven that caffeine may boost the metabolic process up to 3-11 percent (1, 2).

Nevertheless, the primary weight loss component is believed to be the chlorogenic acid. Our product is standardized to 50%.

Some human studies showed the absorption of carbohydrates in the gastrointestinal tract decreased which directly results in lower blood sugar and insulin spikes (2, 4).

If that is correct, subsequently using coffee-beans extract is similar to ingesting a marginally lower carb diet.

Additional scientific studies (in rats and mice) have demonstrated that chlorogenic acid can cut back bodyweight, lessen extra fat consumed by their diet, lessen excess fat stored within the liver and also enhance the use of the fat-burning hormone adiponectin (5, 6).

Chlorogenic acid has already demonstrated an ability to enhance cholesterol levels, and triglycerides amount radically. All these are essential risk elements for a cardiovascular disorder (7).

500 mg Dandelion Root Powder: How Does It Work?

The properties of dandelion extract to reduce weight is mostly due to its diuretic response. It’s also known for digestive assistance and powerful detoxification.

The diuretic elements are proven and studied in-depth. An analysis was published in 2009 in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The analysis used the leaf infusion of dandelion and entailed 17 volunteers. Before committing these volunteers to the dandelion extract, the researchers ensured all the volunteers’ ratios fluid intake, and urine amounts were the same. They were subsequently given 8 ml of their dandelion extract three times per day for a single day and then tracked for the following day.

The outcomes demonstrated that the dandelion extraction raised the frequency of urine as well as the amount of urine.


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