Anabolic Fasting to Lose Weight

With summer fast approaching, most of us want that dream body show off at the beach or pool. We have been waiting all winter and now it is time to shed a few of layers of fat and show off that six pack. This sort of diet typically means gradually reducing carbohydrate intake until there is nothing more to lose and then adding fat to achieve the outcome that you desire. Not only is this unhealthy, but there is  a much better way to do this while adding muscle and burning fat! Adhere to the anabolic fasting diet and you will see some amazing results.

The objective of this guide is to help you on your journey to creating an Anabolic Fasting program to fit your lifestyle. We are going to start at a basic level and then work toward some more innovative methods. As you become more seasoned and your entire body adjusts through time, you will need to alter your plan. Additionally, we will cover the challenges you will encounter on the way, and also give you some answers and tips. One of the most significant characteristics of this anabolic fasting program is the versatility it provides, there is no guesswork, and you also do not need to eat boring fish with rice and broccoli every day.

What’s the Anabolic Fasting Diet?

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Anabolic fasting has existed for several years and was discovered by people in the fitness business that wanted a new approach to burn off fat while building and maintaining lean muscle tissues. Developed initially by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale to mimic the effects of using prescription drugs or OTC anabolic steroids, Pasquale desired a diet which would offer similar results and could come in at a better, more substantial cost. The name of the game in this particular diet plan is manipulating your body to eat ideal foods at the right times to create great outcomes in terms of muscle development.

The breakdown of the Anabolic Fasting diet begins by getting the body used to not eating carbs on a daily basis. For 12 days in a row, you eat nearly zero carbohydrates. Following the 12 days, do two successive days of high-carbs to reset your glucose levels and re-evaluate your metabolism to accelerate your fat-burning procedure slowly. From here on out, you’ll do five days of no carbohydrates, followed by the two days of high carbohydrates with the total breakdown looking something similar to this:

  • Weekend: 15 percent protein/25 percent fat/60 percent carbs
  • Weekdays: 40 percent protein/60 percent fat/~25 g of carbs (these carbohydrates should come from protein and fat sources and shouldn’t contain any grains or milk)

The Way to Start on Your Anabolic Diet

low carb intermittent fasting

Utilize FitDay to monitor your daily calorie and macronutrients consumption. Anabolic Diet principles:

  • Ascertain Caloric Needs. Rule of thumb is the BW x 18kcal. However, the Cunningham Equation is significantly more precise. Continue reading this informative article.
  • 12 Days No Carbs. Eat fats & proteins just for 12 days. This forces the body to utilize fat to energy. After these 12 days, consume carbohydrates for two days. Then alternate five days no carbohydrates and two days carbohydrates.
  • No Carbs Times. The carbohydrates should include foods such as vegetables, legumes, meat. (No milk or milk or rice).
  • Carbs Times. 60 percent of your calories should come from carbohydrates.

It takes approximately four weeks to become accustomed to this Anabolic Diet. Anticipate stomach difficulties, moodiness, and fatigue. Do not stop trying! All this can go away if you stick with an Anabolic Diet.


Sample Meal Plan for No-Carbs Days

  • Breakfast: Spinach, bacon, whole eggs.
  • Snack: French or Italian cheese.
  • Lunch: Olive oil, broccoli, ground round.
  • Snack: Spanish or Italian ham.
  • Post Workout: Olive oil, whey.
  • Dinner: Salad oil, cheese cubes, olive, mackerel, and olive.
  • Before Bed: Flax seeds, French cheese, fish oil.

    low carb intermittent fasting

Sample Meal Plan for Carbs Days

This usually is a Saturday & Sunday. Best is to steer clear of working out on those days because the high carbohydrate ingestion will induce fatigue.

  • Breakfast: Milk, raisins, oats.
  • Snack: A great deal of fruit.
  • Lunch: Quinoa, lettuce, chicken breast.
  • Snack: A great deal of fruit.
  • Dinner: Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, whole grain pasta.
  • Before Bed: Ground flax seeds, fish oil, berries, cottage cheese.

Drawbacks of Your Anabolic Diet.

  • Your grocery costs may be higher initially and also the evenings can become tricky when you crave certain foods.
  • The Anabolic Diet is full of carbs.
  • The carbs will satiate your & make you feel full longer. This makes losing weight on the Anabolic Diet more difficult, but not impossible. GOMAD is best for weight reduction.
  • It can be complicated
  • You need to count calories, so you are cycling between carbohydrates & no carbohydrates times and food options are tricky as many have hidden sugars. A diet plan according to the eight nourishment rules is more straightforward.
  • No Great For Sports
  • Sports like soccer and MMA do not mix well with low carb diets such as the Anabolic Diet as they rely a lot on carbohydrates for energy. One alternative would be to utilize mid-week carbohydrate installments.

Advantages of this Anabolic Diet

The Anabolic Diet is a high-fat, high protein diet. Here are a few positive details you can expect after following this diet:

Fat reduction

You force the body to utilize fat for energy by limiting carbohydrates intake for five days. Your body stores more fat as you eat. Say goodbye to those love handles!

Muscle Profits

Crucial to this Anabolic Diet is oily red meat. This is full of cholesterol and saturated fats that raise your testosterone levels. Testosterone is your muscle building hormone.

Improved Health

Reduced cholesterol & triglyceride quantities, less plaque develops, controlled sugar amounts, fewer food allergies, even less snoring. Take a blood test before beginning the Anabolic Diet and compare weeks afterward.

More Energy

You will have a great deal of energy and are never going to have blood clotting or heaviness after eating.

No Hunger

Fat satiates and causes you to feel full more. You are never going to feel hungry while using an Anabolic Diet. You are going to need to remind yourself that you eat although you are going to be eating more than previously.

In case you follow the Anabolic Diet, you should consume carbohydrates during the times in which you eat a lot of saturated fats. Adhere to the Anabolic Diet principles or you’re going to have negative results.

If you have never stuck with a diet, try to follow the nourishment principles for 12 weeks. Then, you will be prepared for advanced stuff such as the Anabolic Diet. I

Things You Will Go Through the First Weeks About The Anabolic Diet

low carb intermittent fasting

Your body requires 3-4 weeks to accommodate into the Anabolic Diet. The first 12 days can be quite tricky. A good deal of individuals stop within their first 12 days on the Anabolic Diet as they feel lethargic & crappy. That can be normal. Avoiding carbohydrates for 12 days compels your body to utilize fat to energy. The more carbs you were eating earlier and also the more weight you may have on your body, the more difficult the transition out of using carbohydrates to fat.

You will feel better at the time your initial carb loading comes.

3-4 months into the Anabolic Diet, you’re going to be fuly adjusted and feel much better. Before then, here things you will encounter your first months on the Anabolic Diet.

Carb Cravings.

The more carbohydrates you eat before beginning the Anabolic Diet, the more l you are going to crave them.


  • Do not Eat Carbs. Carb cravings are going to happen but do not eat carbohydrates and the cravings will stop. Make a choice & adhere to it. Fill your belly with different foods and season your foods so that you like them.
  • Count off the days before your carbohydrate loading days and when the time comes, eat all the carbs you’ve waited for. You are going to be happy when it is back to no carbohydrates on Monday.


Fat softens your feces. Your intestines must accommodate this change of diet. Diarrhea is frequent in the very first week of the Anabolic Diet. Drink sufficient water to stop dehydration and consume green vegetables.


The majority of individuals don’t consume enough veggies so they obtain their fiber from carbohydrates. As you’re not ingesting carbohydrates for five days on the Anabolic Diet, you need to receive your fiber from everywhere. Tips: eat green veggies.

Weight reduction

Carbs carry water. Avoiding carbohydrates for days will drain your body of water. 5-10 lbs weight-loss in the 1st week is not uncommon. Realize the majority of the weight loss is water loss, not fat or muscle.

You will look skinny in the mirror

Do not stress it. You are going to find the reverse effect following the carbohydrate loading times and following 3-4 months about the Anabolic Diet, this jarring result won’t be as pronounced.


Avoiding carbohydrates for 12 times ceases the creation of dopamine, a compound that elevates your mood. Expect irritability the very first weeks.
Hunger. Fat satiates and causes you to feel full more. So you should not be hungry about the Anabolic Diet.

Here are two helpful pieces of advice in case you get hungry:

  • Determine your exact Calories

If you would like to get rid of weight: wait till you are four months into the Anabolic Diet. Utilize the Cunningham Equation to ascertain your calorie requirements. Continue reading this informative article.

  • Drink water and eat vegetables

An empty stomach can make you believe that you’re hungry all of the time. Ensure that you eat veggies along with all meals and drink sufficient water.

Low Power

Avoiding carbohydrates forces your body to utilize fat for energy. This can cause you to feel like you have the flu as you are exhausted, tired, weak, and lethargic. Eat sufficient food and contemplate diminishing  your workouts during the first few days of this diet.

Concluding Message

Even though the anabolic diet might not be for everybody, it does enable the ones that do try it a chance to get some great results from a physical view. Like with everything, it is excellent in moderation, thus use this as the critical tool to keep you in tip-top shape this summer and make your body beach-ready  with the anabolic fasting diet.

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