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- Marc Saaid -

Since I started this company, many people ask me, “Marc what made you invest money into starting your own supplement company?”

Since I was a teenager I wanted to have muscles, have abs and have a body to be proud of. But I grew up in an environment where my parents were so busy in the medical field; I was never able to get any guidance from them to stay in shape. Instead, my Dad would take me to his pharmacy to teach me about what he does. So, from the years I learned a lot from my Dad. Precisely, he does pharmaceutical compounding, and he taught me a lot. I also I have a sister who is a pharmacist who is very knowledgeable about various medicines as well. When I turned 20, I was finally old enough to do weight training. I have always had a passion for fitness, so I went to school to be a personal trainer after I finished college my degree in computer science.

I started to train people and wanted to learn more about medicine, nutrition, and supplements. After my computer science degree, I went to school to be a pharmacy tech, and I’ve learned more on top of what I’ve learned from my Dad.  I finished school and got my California license.

The main thing I want to talk about have I had a big struggle to lose weight and fat. Getting rid of fat is more difficult than putting on muscles. Especially so for me because I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid since I was 20 years old.

I didn’t know it would affect my life that bad. With this disease, most foods I ate would get me fat.

When I was getting in shape, the first thing comes to my mind is a lot of cardio I did. Cardio worked for me a lot, but it started to hurt my body and joints. When I stopped doing cardio, I got fat again, and it was driving me crazy. Then I started taking supplements and doing research online. I found some supplements that did help suppress my appetite and helped me to lose weight. I was still doing cardio but only two times a week, compared to 5 days a week.

I’ve tried many supplements, and I learned not all of them work well. So, I started buying powders from Amazon, and I was doing a lot of research about herbs and supplements. I began to mix some of the powder and put in in capsules.

I used this for months and it did help me a lot with losing weight, but I had to get different products and take them at different times of the day to target the fat in various ways to work with carbs too.

I would purchase a variety of supplements with the ingredients I was looking for. I would combine these ingredients to get the nutrition I needed. I wanted to be creative and make something that would work for my crazy struggle with losing weight.

Not going to lie each person struggles to lose weight for a different reason which could be a medical condition like my struggle with hypothyroid. Some medications including some anti-depressant which works against you to lose weight could by slowing metabolism belong to a hormone imbalance or a medical condition slowing your metabolism. These factors could affect your goals. Of course, diet is a factor if you eat terrible food you won’t be able to lose weight.

I highly encourage & anyone reading this to check with your doctor and ask about your metabolic rate liver enzyme, kidney function, and most crucial T3, T4, Tst. Please do that to get an idea about your body.

Today I’m sharing my experience and my big struggle by making those products after years of research to share with you. I know how you feel because I was in that boat for a long time. Look at each product and see what it does before you buy it. Products work better by combining them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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